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Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and injury prevention. This branch of medicine also deals with the diagnosis and treatment of injuries sustained during athletic activities. Injuries that occur during sports are often quite serious, and sports physicians are highly trained to deal with them. But, what exactly does sports medicine entail?I strongly suggest you to visit Lawrence sports medicine to learn more about this.

While the field of sports medicine is very broad, there are several distinct sub-fields that fall under its umbrella. First, there’s exercise medicine. This discipline incorporates a wide range of medical disciplines and focuses on the specific exercise needs of certain population groups. In addition, it provides expertise to sporting individuals, teams, and events. It also focuses on pharmacological issues that relate to physical activity.

The doctors at the Cone Health Sports Medicine Division specialize in the treatment of injuries that occur during sports. They treat all levels of competitive and recreational athletes. These physicians perform more than 5,000 procedures per year. Some of their surgical specialties include the knee, elbow, shoulder, hip, and elbow. In addition to arthroscopic procedures, they treat a wide range of injuries related to sport.

Career options in sports medicine include primary care, physical therapy, and sports psychology. In the latter area, sports psychologists conduct studies to understand the relationship between cognitive processes and physical performance. In addition to this, they may also work as a certified strength and conditioning coach. Overall, sports medicine is a broad field that is designed to improve quality of life. Whether a person is a competitive athlete or a couch potato, sports medicine can benefit his or her life.

While many people think of sports medicine as being a branch of orthopedic medicine, it is far more diverse than that. In fact, it is an important stepping stone between primary care and orthopedic surgery. There are two basic types of injuries – acute and chronic. The former happens suddenly while playing a sport or exercising, while the latter develops over time through overuse. Examples of chronic injuries include a torn rotator cuff. Sports medicine specialists help patients determine the best course of action to recover from acute and chronic injuries. They are also knowledgeable about surgical procedures.

Professionals working in sports medicine may be physical therapists, exercise physiologists, or even sports doctors. They focus on preventing illness in active people and restoring function to injured patients. Whether you want to work with professional athletes or provide services to everyday people, you can choose a career in this field based on your interests, educational goals, and work environment. Oftentimes, sports medicine careers require advanced degrees and certification.

Physicians specializing in sports medicine are typically board certified in another field, such as family medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics, or internal medicine. They then pursue a two-year fellowship in sports medicine, where they acquire additional training and certification.


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