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Affordable Garage Door Repair Services

If you want to ensure a smooth and quiet operation for your garage door, you should have it tuned up annually. I strongly suggest you to visit what is the average cost of a garage door to learn more about this. This simple service will ensure that all parts of the garage door are functioning properly and are in good condition. It takes only about ten minutes to complete. And it will help you save money by preventing repairs that are too costly.


In addition to garage door repair, H and O Garage Door Service also offers tune-ups. These annual tune-ups include inspections, lubrication, and general diagnostics. You can trust the quality of their work, and you can relax knowing that your door will be up and running again in no time.

You can also lock the door when you are not using it to prevent anyone from using it. Stacking shelves in front of the door can help keep someone from accessing the garage. When it comes time to sell your home, the next buyer may want to have the garage door serviced. A professional service can help you maintain a functional garage door and increase the value of your property.

A garage door spring repair may cost between $50 and $200 depending on the type of garage door. This service can also include repairs to the brackets that hold the springs. A roll-up garage door may require the brackets to be disassembled, and this service can cost another $50 to $100. The service may also include motor cleaning or adjustment as well.

The cost of garage door service depends on the size of the garage door and the number of units. A single car door will typically cost about $700 and a double-car garage door will cost about $1500. A walk-through garage door service will cost about $1800. A commercial garage door repair service will cost around $219.

Garage door repair is essential for your property and your safety. Emergency services and first responders need access to vehicles and garages. A properly-maintained garage door can prevent a break-in or an accident. A professional technician can inspect and repair broken parts and ensure safety. They will provide emergency service at any time of the day.

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