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A funeral home, also called a funeral parlor, is a place where people can go when the time comes to organize a funeral or burial for a loved one. The services provided by these establishments may include preparing and hosting a wake and funeral service, or providing a chapel for holding the ceremony. In addition, the staff of a funeral home is often available to assist family members and friends who are planning a funeral. Check on Sorensen Funeral Home St. Petersburg

The funeral industry is undergoing consolidation. In fact, many neighborhood funeral homes look local, but are actually owned by national corporations. When you’re choosing a funeral home, be sure to ask whether it’s independent or part of a chain. It’s important that you select one that is owned and operated locally, and one that is run by caring and compassionate people.
Some funeral homes also offer services to assist the family in planning a memorial service. Musicians and caterers can help create the perfect event. Private funerals are also available, and many funeral homes offer a variety of memorialization items, such as urns, photos, and personalized service booklets. Some funeral homes even help with the writing of obituaries in newspapers.

Funeral directors are trained to assist the family in planning a funeral. They coordinate the visitation and processions, care for the deceased with dignity, and dispose of the remains in a respectful manner. A funeral director can also handle any related legal and social services issues for the family. They can also assist in the preparation of the death notice and funeral announcement, order funeral stationery, and coordinate the service itself.
Many funeral homes offer cremation services, and some do not. They will assist you with transportation to the crematory. A funeral home will usually have an on-site crematory, and a licensed funeral director. If the funeral home does not have an on-site crematory, they will send your loved one’s body to an outside facility.

A funeral home provides a variety of services and is open to all faiths and cultures. Most mortuaries offer quick viewings for the family and cremation without a full-scale memorial service. Some mortuaries do not require the services of a funeral director, and they may be a better option if you want a simple, inexpensive service.
While a funeral home will not typically conduct an autopsy, they do provide transportation services to and from the place of death. They also employ a staff of professionals who will guide you through the process of funeral planning. They are trained in grief counseling and will be of great support to you and your family. A funeral director can also help with legal issues and make arrangements for the service.
A funeral home offers many of the same services as a mortuary, though the mortuary may offer more cremation services. A funeral home is also more capable of planning a memorial service. Funeral homes are also more likely to offer grief counseling.

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